How to render water in a 3d model help you all!!

Hi you all!! I hope you are having a good day… I have challenge and a favor. I am in need of inspiration for a 3d project. I was wondering what would be the most interesting yet realistic way of rendering water on a 3d model. This is the situation cube of floating water hit by a mass. It isnt creating a splash cus the other mass is another liquid… any ideas or things i should look at it for inspiration. Thanks

The easiest solution is to fake it, using a displacement map projected on the top of the cubes. You’d create the displacement map in Photoshop. For inspiration, what’s better than actually filming a real-world test of two water-filled cubes?

But the “most interesting yet realistic way of rendering” would be to do a math-based rendering using a physics simulation and water particles. Many 3D animation packages can do this. There’s a plugin called RealFlow you should check out.

Try Blender to create fluid sims as a good alternative to realflow. Other alternative is to manually sculpt in zbrush or modo and then translate a retopo model with t-splines.
Imagination Engineered | Foundry might give you some ideas.