How to put together?!

Hi everyone,

I am applying to an Industrial Design Engineering course and I have to submit an A3 portfolio. The only restriction is the size and the rest is up to me.

I have looked at various portfolios such as Pina Zangaro, but I would like some ideas or input as to how to put together my A3 sheets. I don’t really need to consider expansion as this is a one off and I would like to do something different rather than using a bought portfolio with plastic sheets to showcase my work.

I’ve thought about attaching the sheets with something like a rivet at the top left corner, so that rather than flipping through the pages, you would swivel them. I don’t know if this is “too different” and might not be appreciated by the design school.

Really I am stuck, this is my first portfolio and I know that it is important not to take away the focus from the work I want to display, but still I would like to “package” it in an exciting way. Any ideas?

Many thanks :wink:

Best work first and last.

Less projects can be better than too many. Don’t make the interviewer feel they have to read “War and Peace”.

Think of each project as a story. Tell the story from beginning to end. Show your process.

Taking along seperate books is also good. One of sketches. One of model making. One of in-depth research. One of computer skills. If they want to see more in a specific area you will have these ready “in your bag”.

Thanks for your advice Timf. Actually they want me to send the portfolio to them and then they will decide to interview me or not.

PDF file. Preferably less than 1MB for email requirements of some older systems but definitely under 2MB. Maximum 8 pages, either showing one complete project or the best processes from several projects.

A3 paper is pretty large, correct? I’d be wary of a rivet in the corner as it will quickly become very cumbersome. Be sure you consider how those who are lookking through your portfolio will interact with it – make their experience as painless as possible!

You could consider doing plates (unbound, mounted sheets) – 1 page/project. This would let them spread all your work out or flip through it. Plus, you can design/make a case/box/sleeve to contain the plates for storage/transport. The disadvantage of this solution is that since you won’t be there while they look through your work, it may get out of order, etc…

Ok to clarify again I have to submit an A3 portfolio and I have to send a hardcopy!

I thought about unbound A3 sheets, but this is not an option, as they told me that they get at least 80 portfoios to look at and it is important that the portfolios are bound together, sot hat they don’t mix them up.

I’d still like some suggestions on how I can do this. Thanks

Which school are you applying to?

I applied to FH Pforzheim and they had similar requirements. My portfolio did not pass the “Mappe Pruefung” so I talked to one of the instructors about how to improve. He didn’t mention anything about the portfolio book, and when I picked up my portfolio in their basement I saw all the other ones that had been mailed in. They were mostly the standard store-bought fare.

Mine was in two-parts, one was a book made of aluminium diamond-plate (two pieces with hinges), with artwork mounted to matteboard, and rings so you could flip through it. It was huge and clunky. The guy who I had to see to get my portfolio out of the basement said it was too big and heavy, that I should have just sent it in a regular porfolio, and he pointed at the store-bought kind. The second piece was a huge handmade envelope that opened up flat but took up lots of space, with loose artwork inside.

I would advise to go simple and that the case isn’t so important (the instructor didn’t even mention it). I agree that loose artwork is a good idea so you can spread it around.

If you’re curious about what the instructor said, he said I didn’t show that I could sketch well enough. Even quick sketches should show understanding of surfaces and curves, like the changes from one plane to another. He used a cell phone as an example. At Pforzheim if you pass the portfolio test, they invite you to the school to give you another test to make sure you can sketch. I talked to one student who failed that the first time around.

Hope that helps. Good luck!!!