How to put textures and materials in photoshop?

Could somebody teach me how to put textures and materials in photoshop?
Such as leather, suede, chrome, mesh?

since im the resident idiot of the board, i’ll handle this one:
go into a bookstore,
look in the design / computer section,
look for a series called ‘classroom in a book’, or ‘photoshop beginners guide’ or something similar,
take it home & in addition to whatever it is you do, you study up on that and teach yourself.

photoshop can take you 5 - 10 years to master. its huge. its like tai chi.

you can also download photoshop tutorials on the net somewhere.

theres a quote about “giving a man a fish and teaching him how to fish and then he loses the fish over the side of the boat so you give him another one and then he ate all your fish so you both starve.” im going back to work now.

K.E: thanks for the answer, i’ll do that

Scan them or copy from web, bring in as another layer, then use standard psd techniques. Gotta search the boards, lots of info here that nobody will repeat if it’s easy to find. Good luck.

above is an announcement entitled photoshop/illustrator textures, here is the link:

Look before you leap…