How to prototype food containers?

what is the best way to make prototypes similar to tupperware that is as close to production as possible? Would this mean you have to make a short-run mold?


I’d say yes it does, because i don’t think, that there is already
a rapid prototyping material, that resembles the material parameters
of tupper ware (the flexiblity foremost)

Does anyone know better?

All the best.

yours mo-i

How about urethane parts cast in a silicone mold? A lot quicker than soft tooling. A lot of grades with different durometers are available so you can try to match it up with what your looking for (PP or copolymer?) The only problem is there’s only like 1 or 2 that are FDA approved for food contact and they are slow as molasses so you won’t get high volume.

One more thing, I just dug up a few parts - the FDA approved urethane is translucent p|ss yellow, so maybe you should mold some parts.

if its slow as molasses, you have to use a rigid mold - like a shell mold. get fancy and make an injection hole ( like a runner/sprue), then use a syringe type design to force the molasses into the mold. dunno about fda approval on the plastic itself.