Dear all,
I am a fresh graduate designer. simply, how can i find and contact producers for my designs?
should i do a website and make my designs in photorealistic 3D images?
or should i make prototypes ?
please i need an advice…
thanks a lot

what are your designs? what is your field of design? this might answer if you need prototypes or not-also maybe depending on the design project…etc?

I would think now-a-days most people in or entering the biz should have there work on the web. I think this makes it easier for clients to view what you have done- and also makes it a great way to update it with new work.

with contacting producers-what do you want to do with them? work with them? hire them for work for you? Do you have any producers in mind already? Have you contacted them yet?

I think you need to be more specific with the questions or give us more, so we can help ya out-



As stated what is your area of expertise? What credentials do you have other than a design degree? What would make a manufacturer or OEM want to purchase your designs?

How far into the development cycle have you gone, school process teaches you only about 5-10% of the entire cycle. With experiance you will see this.

Do you have market projections, sales projections, market share/saturation numbers, production costings?

Has it been engineered, and is it tooling ready? Have all internal mechanisms been proven to function?

Any way simply putting anything on the net that you oneday hope to sell of liscense to a company is not smart. Once publically shown, it is public domain…no patent and no protection. Surely you can not be this nieve to the world of design.

Good comments, if the poster is looking to promote work that he has done both in school and for other clients that are on the market. But I have a feeling he is looking for ideas on how to approach companies to purchase/license his designs/ideas.

I smell inventor mentality here, with little knowledge out side of the narrow scope that school teaches in to the product life cycle, and market factor that lead into what products reach the shelfs.

If this is the case you will need to be more specific on the amount of work you have into it thus far, and what it will take both time and cost wise to bring it to market.

Dear All,
My field of design is home accessories and furniture and daily use objects.
simply it’s life style…
as mentioned if i show the work online… anyone can steal the idea… what’s the best way to show the producer my ideas? how to contact them … are they interest in fresh graduate designers?
thanks a lot

you said you do home accessories and lifestyle products…
I am right now talking with a large manufacturing company that is trying to get together a few designers from different parts of the world to create season based hard goods for home decor/lighting etc.

where are you located? would you be interested in being a part of this group. collections designed would be showcased at major international shows. also they would be willing to make you travel to their factories if you want.

its a great oppurtunity for working with other young designers and have your own collections.

lemme know if interested.

Dear Guest000,

This could be my dream job, i am more than interest in this job.
My name is Elie and I am living in Beirut-Lebanon
Here is my email:
my mobile number is +9613361667


will forward your contact to the company.


funniest thread i’ve read to date.

If you are interested in getting your designs produced:
Get a job in the industry, and read books on how to market your ideas. A good one I’ve read is “a complete idiots guide to cashing in on your inventions”.

the experience at a job in the design industry gives you skills and a perspecitve of the real world - every student graduates with ideas they would like to get made, a year or two of work in the real world will (hopefully) show you what ideas have merit and which ones do not. Even after working in the field 4 years I pursued an idea for a product which had fundamental flaws in it, I completed the design (lots of extra weekends, nights, etc.) and then realized I had been an idiot to pursue the idea in the first place. Not like I don’t have tons of other great ideas, but looking back I would have been lots more selective up front regarding how much potential an idea has.

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