how to post pictures??

O.k. so I have a project that I want to share with everyone and I can’t find anywhere how to post a picture in a thread. Bad UI. I also emailed support and no one emailed me back. So, how does one go about sharing pictures? Do I need to have someone else host my pictures on the web and then link to it or is there a way to attach the picture in the topic thread?

Thanks much

When you post, there’s a little link on the left that says BBCode is ON.
Click on the BBCode hyperlink for information on how to use it.

To answer your question specifically, when posting, roll over the “Img” button. It will give you a tip on how to format image hyperlinks. Then you can use the Preview button to see if it worked.

The bulletin-board does not allow you to upload images–you can only link to images from other locations.

thanks for the help