How to move on from one job to another

I am with a company that while growing, is expanding too fast for the development of younger talent (me). I have over the last few years come in contact with several people from other companies (some with very high ties) and others have simply used/ held my work in their hands and have only my business card to associate with.
I’m considering sending a message or some communication to them generally asking for insight how one might potentially become a member of that company.
My question is, what is a decent/ polite way of doing this… and secondly- how do I request to move from my work email account to a more personal account that would be appropriate for personal communication???

Has anyone ever been in this predicament?

To me, that sounds like kind of a sticky approach at best. If you have their emails, I would probably ask them how they liked the work and if they have any feedback, or something like that. Or ask a question about their business. In time you may develop the kind of relationship that would enable the kind of conversation you want to have.

But why use your company’s contacts? Why not apply for jobs? If the company you are speaking of has a position open, there is no harm in contacting a person you know there and letting know you applied.

Unless you really like the companies you’ve come in contact with through your job, I would probably apply to a bunch of places I haven’t worked with just to get out there…

Its a tough spot though, I know what you mean.

two different scenarios-

first- htting up people who you have worked with/work with your company. this is a little more delicate if you want to seek a job with them and dont want to piss off your current employer (its a small world) or come across as double dealing and not trustworthy. in this case I would first check to see if there are jobs posted for the companies in question. if so, its totally fair to apply for the job and your prior relationshiop is just a bonus to you and your application. if there is no current opening, its a good idea as Yo suggested to start a dialog. You may want to start the dialog from your personal email address, which will give a good subtle signal that you are interested on a personal level and not as a rep from your current company.

second- people/contacts who you/your company have not worked with but have some contact with. in this case, its all good to go ahead and make contact as a job seeker and inquire about a position posted or new opportunities. send them a portfolio teaser overviewing your work and of course you can mention where you know them from or how you got their contact info.

as in any job search process, the communication and relationships are an important part. dont burn any bridges, but do think of yourself.

im not exactly sure what your question about the “move from my work email acct to a personal email acct” is about. if you are contacting them, just use your personal account. if the nature of the message is personal, they will reply to your personal acct and not your work address.


Thanks. I know it’s a bit… um… different. And it’s never really easy to go from one to another- quietly. Thats a good idea though on how to break the ice a little though.

Could really be an issue if you are in a consultancy…as it might be a legal issue if said companies were past clients

So yes in short- I’m worried about burning bridges on both sides by not taking the appropriate steps. This would be my first “job jump”, so I was wondering from some vets (as you folks are) how to do this nicely- and still have my interests known.

Unfortunately, email filters and things can bury junk email (and sometimes a REAL hotmail account and even worse from my portfolio site)- I was hoping to find some balance between first approaching from my work then… somehow… adding in that I would be/like to contact them from my personal so that they know 1. It’s me, and 2. that something is coming from me.

Thanks again for all the help guys.

Oh- and I’m not in a consultancy. But I’ll look into that too none the less.