how to make design office interesting?

hey cud anybody lemme know what kind of practices (games, fun add ons,etc) design offices have in order to make the place interesting. sometimes the work gets monotonous esp after christmas new year break.

any ideas!

at my old job we used to do friday darts, every week at 5pm with a case of beer…but now we all think we are comedians and try make fun of everything and each other all day long…

my director at the firm I used to work (Evo) for used to get us all a Christmas present (one year we all got N64’s (that was like 1999), the next he bought us all really nice watches and picked each one according to our individual tastes, the next I think he bought a dualit toaster and raffled it off amongst us, another year he bought a vintage Donkey Kong arcade game for the studio) stuff like that goes a long way…

Here we have some similar stuff like foosball tables and what not, its good to have a little healthy distraction to take a break on.

Man, Yo, that sounds like a cool place to work. It’s amazing how even the most inexpensive gift can go a long, long way. Makes you feel very appreciated.

The design firm I worked at in Chicago had an air-hockey table and we’d take breaks during the day to whip on each other.

I remember one night around 3am playing indoor whiffle-ball. It was a long night with a project due the next morning. Little things like that, fueled by copius amounts of beer, help out a lot.

It’s a good place, the year after I left he bought a dune buggy for the team to nearly kill themselves in on lunch hours going off of jumps and stuff… I think they broke it pretty quickly.

You can’t underestimate the power of whiffle ball!

One place I worked at, we also did the magnetic darts thing. Very nice way to shake the mouse out of your wrists. And then some unreal tournament after hours.

we’ve got a Boba Fett helmet in our office.

when stuff gets hectic, i like to put it on and stand on the street to wave at the cars passing by.


we also had a compressed-air powered propellor plane that we used to take turns playing with on our lunch break. that is until the plane met its unfortunate demise when it landed in the street and got run over. :slight_smile:

the motorist didn’t even stop…the bastard.


I used to work in the software and hardware groups at IBM… in SW there was Foosball, but when I worked in the Personal Computer Division, where we design Intellistations, they had 4 SIT sample PC towers set up with workstation graphics cards, all networked with Halflife and Unreal tournament.

there was table hockey and foosball too, but at the Halflife setup, no shit, there was a 2-4 person line behind each of the 4 seats at least 10 hours a day. People were walking from all over the 12 building main site to sneak in and play. 8:00 AM people were playing, 9:00 at night people were playing. Not just designers, everybody (mostly guys)… we would go home at night and dream about playing that stupid game!

but whenever layoffs were rumored, that room was empty.

At the consultant I interned at we had an arcade game, Asteroid I think, and Flight Simulator set up on an extra computer. Quite fun! The place I work at now has no games:(

It’s interesting to see that at Big Blue there was so much gaming going on. I always here that IBM is stuck up, perhaps not…