How to make an art portfolio

Hi everyone,

First post so here goes…

I would like to make an art portfolio folder similar to the standard ones: for a school project I’m working on, but I haven’t got the funds to tear one up and check it out to see how it was made.

I would like it to have some sort of waterproof material and a hard insert. I’m not that knowledgeable on manufacturing processes that’s why I’m kinda stuck on how to go about something like this :confused: .

If anyone has any suggestions for making it or even prototyping it I’ll be really grateful.

Thank you in advance.

Ever seen plastic corrugate? Or corrugated plastic? It’s fluted just like cardboard boxes. Some offices use bins made from this for their mail. Its strong,cheap, waterproof, fairly rigid, easy to cut and fold, make locking tabs atc. Call your plastic supply place. They should have it or know where to get it. I’ve seen it in diff. colors. I thought of it because it’s light and could be used to make a custom sized folder-type or a more fancy shallow box-like portfolio.