how to make an account

Why can’t I create an account and portfolio. I tried the last few days and been denied? Contact for website is inactive also.

Are you referring to coroflot?

Yes, Coroflot Portfolio

You’ve been to this page, and something doesn’t work?

Yes, I’ve been to the above page filled out all items and get a message that all fields must have entries. They of course do. I tried other computers and the site has no one to contact.

I forwarded this to the person that runs coroflot. I’m sure he will get back to you ASAP.


Also, on the bottom of that page is a “Site Support” link:

It has this email on that page:

for testing purposes, I just made an account with another email address I have. worked perfectly. took 10 seconds.

and unless it just got fixed, then disregard message below…

maybe your user name isn’t long enough, or you’re mistyping a valid email, etc.?

recheck the authentication code too.

try harder, it’ll work.

Thanks I’ll Try again


If you’re having trouble creating a Coroflot account please contact ‘’. Someone will be able to help you.

I’m not sure what the problem is, as the registration process is working properly. I don’t see an account associated with the email you used in your profile here.

I’m sure we can get it sorted out.


  • Core77 Admin

It seems Safari does not like the create an account process. I tried Firefox and it worked fine. Thanks for the help.