How to Learn Alias once out of school

I’ve gotten quite good at ProE…working on it my whole career…but I am interested in getting better on Alias. I want to liven up some of the parts I work on and have it in my toolbelt for potential employers.

I have noticed that there are no books on StudioTools available at places like Amazon, but I have seen DVDs are out there. Do you think going through the videos is good enough way to get you functional and marketable on Alias, or is a class the way to go.

I have been doing the tutorials on the downloadable trial version… and they A) don’t seem to be for the current version and B) are very confusing at times…

I’ve got two DVS:

The first one it’s quite a dissapointment, boring and hard to follow with the constant hesitation and “eeeehhhhhsss or hmmmmmmss” from the “instructor”, i bough it looking for specific answers related to product design for manufacturing and in all honesty it was a waste of money.

The second one is for a well advanced level of modelling and of course leaves all the basics out.

I think, if you want to learn it by youself start with the tutorials and exercises from the web page, once you get some grip with the sofware you will be able to judge and take advantage of the DVD’s.

if you’ve already done the tutorials, a class will help you to move a lot faster and better than the DVDS.

Hope my opinion helps :slight_smile: