How to get your ideas to spread

I love TED talks. They are a great way of learning new information, hearing opinions, or generally having your mind blown.

This is the latest to catch my attention. It is by Seth Godin, “marketing guru” and I think it applies to our field.

I am just wondering, how is it that we as designers can make a big impact in our markets. After all is said and done, our products need to sell. What is needed is often overlooked by what is new and exciting. No one really needs a juicy saliv but they sell, because they are unique and unorthodox.

How do you strike a balance between what is good design for the betterment of society and what is sensationalist fashion driven, possibly throw away next season design? Does it matter to you as a designer?

That’s an amazing question, and watching Godin who is such a genius… its much deeper on second thoughts. I should think its probably very difficult for anyone to codify the exact answer into a short sentence… except Steve Jobs:) One of the main reasons we admire Apple so much is because they get closer than anyone else to producing amazing products and finding a place for them in the market so they actually become apart of people’s lives. I think that’s the key; whether you’re designing beautiful pieces of furniture for the home, or an industrial plane engine, or a car, children’s toys, anything even a dishwasher-- in built into the design I think must be that human need, an overriding usefulness to people’s lives and THAT is what sells.

Looking at this through the same lens, it will have a different impact in a smaller market like Australia where you are than here in the USA where we have 300 million people.

I just want to create stuff that makes a difference to people’s lives then go from there…

Interesting to see which examples he provided lasted over the 11 years since his talk and which examples crashed and burned.