How to get into Truck design?

Just a quick question and I am hoping someone on here might know and as the subject line already states…how do you get into truck design and are there any good web-sites/resources which have more info on this topic??

Skateboard trucks or pick-up trucks?

If you write to any of the big auto companies about positions in design, they will send you information on what they look for and where you can get the skills.

Sorry yeh by truck I mean 18 wheeler!

I have found this to be the case sometimes but was just wondering if there was any well renowned design firm that specializes in truck design…but I guess a lot is done in house now.

There are consultants that work with truck companies. Try contacting some of the designers from the companies through Linkedin or IDSA’s member directory. I’m sure they’ll give you some feedback.

Drop an email to Allan at . He used to work at Volvo Trucks and now Scania I think, I’m sure he will reply if you show genuine interest in truck design specifically.

I have been on his web-site now and I am happy to say that it’s now been placed as a bookmark :slight_smile:

I have also sent a mail to Allan with a few questions I am hoping he can help with so thank you to you both for your advice!

That’s the best way to do it but I don’t think they just randomly accept or replies to emails, not sure about that. I guess it would be safe to at least include a draft of the design on what your designs are.

GM, Ford and Chrysler sent me huge catalogs describing their design studios in '96 when I was first thinking about my Uni major. Perhaps they send pamphlets now, but I’m sure they send something.

A little deep google searching should turn up some folks to talk to. I remembered I had seen a few postings awhile back from Kenworth on coroflot, so a search for designers at Kenworth turned this up:

Yeah or they could be sending it electronically like in a PDF file. Well I see designs online when I browse into websites that is also about designs and new concepts for cars or any vehicle like trucks and also motorcycle. Best of luck then.