>>>> How to get a job in Canada or New Zealand

Wow, all this Canada bashing is really surprising. I would think the quality or Core members would be above the average crazy American-focused perspective that ha got the US into such world favor lately, globally.

In answer to the original post, HOW to get a job in Canada or the US (ill answer only w.r.t Canada as a Canadian), the answer I would believe is the same as HOW to get a job anywhere.

Have a good portfolio, search and call potential employers and network. IMHO, I dont think there is any intrinsically diffrerent about Canada to any other country re: Employment, aside from perhaps an even more open perspective compared to our overbearing neighbours to the south.


PS. Of course with respect to the amount of employment opportunities in either Canada or NZ, there may be less than US or other places, but with a population greatly smaller, this would be expected. I submit that this has nothing to do with quality of opportunities or country.