how to get a design patent

i would like to know how i would go about getting a design patent could someone please help?



why would you want to spend xxk to get a DESIGN patent?
(UTILITY patents are where it’s at. And worth the money)

Its generally useless. Unless its a intricate doorknob design that is a big part of a door knob company’s brand identity. Even so, any schmo can “simulate” it legally. AND even if it wasn’t legal, that unscrupulous schmo will laugh, call your hand, and raise you, knowing that you won’t spend $500/hr to hire an attorney to take it to court. ANDDD even if you do call and take it to court, he’ll make $$$ and get to keep that $$$ while the trial is pending. Which may or may not go your way.

Still want to spend 50,000 hours and xxxk? read up on
theres MORE than enough information for the average person interested in the world of patents.

last i recall a Design Patent cost about $70 US. and you no longer need patent drawings. cg renders are fine.

there are valid reasons for getting one perhaps. i’ve been in the “they’re useless” camp for years. but recently told of how a design patent got used. didn’t sue the infringer. they sued the retailer. lawyer got percentage only so no cost legal assist. the big retailer lost big. and infringer lost customer. retailer forced to pay and forced to buy from the patent holder. learned of this from an insider, so no details. not sure how true and how important. but if someone is looking for options, might try to find those kinds of examples.