How to follow up on applied position

So you have applied for matching job opportunities through email or direct mail. How do you follow up on your application. Should you just wait for their reply or call their number and ask about the status?

Personally, I have called after 2 or 3 weeks to ask about my status but some of them reply with yes/no. But some companies you could hardly get a hold of someone in HR. Either goes to voicemail or you cannot follow up.

So what do you do?


Anyone!! similar experience?

As they say: “No answer is also an answer”
If you have written them and called them and they still ignore you well then there is your answer.

1-2 weeks for a follow up I think is reasonable. 3 weeks seems a bit long and you might not be left in their memory.

I wouldn’t go out of your way to email a company after you apply to them. In most cases if they are receiving applications through coroflot, etc. they are getting BURIED in emails and resumes. Most places even state in their automated replies “Please do not reply or call.” They’re too busy for that.

On the other hand if you happened to meet someone in person or get introduced by a friend, etc. then I think it’s reasonable to try and reconnect with them a couple weeks later just to see what they thought of your resume and portfolio. I wouldn’t go doing this for every thing you send out though.

Following up can reinforce your interest in the position and keep your name in front of HR or key decision maker. Remember that the candidate evaluation process differs from company to company. The larger the company the longer it may take. My suggestion would be to follow up in 2-3 weeks using the same method of original submission (if you emailed resume/portfolio, follow up with email), and keep it open-ended. Re-communicate your interest in the position, your qualifications, if anything has change since original submission (moved to same city?), reflect on evaluation process and schedule, and if there are any outstanding questions, information required or updates on selection process: how best to contact you.

Some of my friends suggest that I call them no matter, that will give them a chance to pick and revisit your application. Though they receive 100’s there might be a better chance to get you above the list and when you call them again they might remember you. They might respond with yes or no quickly too.

well, you also don’t have anything to lose really.
If they have indeed “forgotten” about you, this will put you back into the race. If they are indeed not interested, well then you at least know for sure.

I’d say, just go for it.

Based on a recent experience of mine I say CALL. Sadly, I did not get the job.

Before applying I got the contact info for the HR person receiving the applications, and a week after I submitted I gave her a call. Turns out the automated system wasn’t working correctly and my application/portfolio/cv was never received, but she was very kind and concerned and offered for me to send it directly to her own address and forward it on to the hiring team. It seemed like she was genuinely trying to help. I eventually got a personal and pleasant rejection email…

Kind of a pathetic story, but you never know! I think there will be positive results as long as your polite and not at all pushy and simply ask if he or she has had time to review your application yadda yadda.