How to flip an image in CorelDraw

I sent an .eps file to someone to put into their newsletter. She is using CorelDraw. The file I sent was Illustrator.

She said when the file came in it was upside down and backwards. I told her there had to be a flip horizontal and flip vertical command somewhere.

Can anyone tell me where I find these in the menu so I can tell the lady creating the newsletter and my logo can be set upright? She’s using version 5 I believe.

Corel Draw 5?! Are you sure? That must be ancient!!!

anyways, for Corel Draw 10, there are 2 buttons one on top of each other, on the top horizontal tool bar. It’s at about the center of the tool bar, to the right of the “roatation” tool. Those are the flip buttons.

the buttons you’re looking for are called “mirror buttons”.