How to Finish YELLOW FOAM


I am wanting to colour the yellow foam model that i have sculpted. i know that i need to use an automotive primer first, but i’m not sure what kind of spray to use to give me the best finish… i know i can’t use anything enamel… any ideas?

It’s been awhile for me, but let’s see

if a lower density <20 lbs I would recommend a mixture of water and lightweight vinyl spackle prior to primer to better fill some of the voids (etc).

Your primer choice should be dependent (atleast partly) on your paint choice. I generally used automotive spray paint (duplicolor) and would use the same brands fast drying filler/primer. Remember to use several very light coats (mist) rather than a couple heavy coats.

I generally lightly coat in Vinyl Spackle (lightweight) and then several coats of Sanding sealer, with light sanding in between. Coat until you can’t feel the surface of the foam. Then Auto paint. Krylon.

My 2 cents, and not to confuse the issue, but I would avoid using spackle. Instead get some high build sandable primer (Duplicolor). Do a few coats of the primer, sanding inbetween coats with fine sandpaper, until the foam texture is gone and you have a smooth surface. I also recommend wetsanding the final coat of primer. Then you’ll be ready for your final color. I would stick to using a high quality auto paint like Duplicolor too.

Remember not to rush the paint, and don’t cheap out on materials or tools. Honestly, being patient and doing it right the first time will save you loads of $$ and frustration in the future.

Yeah, I don’t know about anyone else, but I always assume it take at least two days to paint something, three of four if you have to do a lot of primer/sand.

All of the above ideas are good one, a third option that has worked well for me is to use the bondo filler that comes in the little tube, it dries very quickly and sands so smooth its insane. especially with the wet sanding you can get some very nice finishes.

I have learned that it is usually not helpful to make demands and prohibitions but having said that DO NOT USE THE CHEAPO SPRAY PAINT. That stuff in the 89cent blue can from walmart or whereever is crap and you will be very upset when you spend a week or so shaping something only to have it look like crap when you paint it.

also unless you need to, try to avoid high gloss finishes, as they reveal even the smallest flaws. but if you do need a gloss finish, I find that letting the paint dry and then using a clear coat over top works better than just using gloss paint.

In fact, I would probably suggest using some sort of final clear topcoat regardless. topcoats come in both the gloss and matte clear acrylic, which also has nice results.

good luck

Some kind of clear coat is a must, it really helps the look of the model. Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of giving yourself enough time to do the process right, use high quality paint, and sand properly and evenly (MAKE SANDING BLOCKS!!!).

If you rush this process, you will pay in more time, money, and tears. Trust me I’ve effed up enough before I learned. Save yourself a few open days to get through the process properly.

Going back to the spackel/glazing Bondo topic: Personally, I stay away from those (unless you have a big gash or hole in the foam you want to fill) because unless you have an even amount spread onto the entire surface of the model, it’s very hard to sand everything even and have the surface textures match. You’re best bet is to use the high build filler primer as your base and go from there. Comes out much more even.

The other advice I would give, would be to go for the higher density tan foam for future models. It is more expensive, but again you’ll save a ton of time in your modeling/painting process.

Good luck