How to find out which fonts was used in PSD document.

I was browsing through my old work and realized that I’ve removed some type which I couldn’t identify.

Is there a way for me to extract a namelist of all the fonts used in a .PSD file? I know Illustrator automatically list the names of missing fonts in .AI files… what about PS?


I eventually found out how to on my own, so I’ll put it down here just in case others find themselves in a similar bind.

If you have an old and estranged Photoshop document (.PSD) and you need to identify the missing fonts that was used in it, first open the file in PS.

Note down the words used in the text for all the different font varieties that you can find in the artwork, for example, if there is a headline that says “Ugly Duckling Has the Last Laugh” in a Serif font, jot down “ugly” or “duckling” or any word that you think is unique only for that particular item.

Do this for all the different type treatments (subhead, call-outs, body copy, etc…) in the artwork.

Close the document and open it again but this time…use Wordpad! It may take a while to load, especially if your artwork is complex, so be patient.

What you’ll see is a lot of unintelligible symbols, no need to panic. Bring up the search tool (Ctrl+F) and begin searching for the words that you’ve jotted down, e.g. “ugly” or “duckling”, etc… when the search tool gets to where your words are, you’ll find that somewhere in the garbled mess of symbols near the highlighted words are the names of the fonts used, e.g. “Baskerville”, etc.

Voila! Just reinstall the missing fonts and you’re in business again.

Of course if you’re sending the job to the printers, you should’ve rasterised everything in the first place.

Another handy font identifying tool is

Allows you to update an image, logo, etc… and uses a matching algorithm to suggest fonts that are close in shape to what you have submitted. Pretty handy if you are working from an image or only have a few letters.

I just used this to identify the font of a customer’s logo and it worked great. Thanks for the link.