How to find internships abroad?

Hi everybody!
I’m gonna take my bachelor degree in Product Design at Politecnico di Milano next week, and after that I’d like to look for an internship abroad, in order to acquire some experience both in work and life. I’m thinking of places like Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, England and US. (But basically I guess I’d like everything).
The thing is that I’ve no idea were to look for it; I’ve found some internships websites, but there’s nothing about product design.

Do you guys have some tips for me? :smiley:


I would suggest contacting companies directly. Most companies including consultancies will have a section on their website about getting work there. Some also mention internships or what they can offer students. For finding interesting companies, , and Linkedin is a pretty good start.

Thank you very much, I’ll give it a look and work on it in a couple of weeks! :slight_smile:

Hiower has said it all, Best would be networking, and following up weekly where you send your folios.
Good luck.

Will do thanks!
Next week I’ll start to put my portfolio in order (since I was super busy with the thesis), and starting the networking :slight_smile:


I’ve been almost in the same situation, it’s hard to find offers but as hiower said, best way is to contact the companies directly. So far, I couldn’t find a platform like coroflot or productdesignhub for internships in Europe. However, there’ll be some offers on this sites from time to time. design directory and dexigner should be helpful. If you are interested in Germany, I’d suggest you to take a look here
There are new offers almost everyday, almost all of them are in German, but you can use google to read them and apply in English.

Good luck!