How to find Freelance Work

Hey all, I’m going to have a gap where I won’t be working for a few months while I wait for my next job to start in late April or early May. I’d like to do some freelance work in that time to keep my skills sharp and make a little more money than working a part time job at Target or somewhere else. I’ve never done freelance work before so I was hoping to get some tips on how to find work and get started. Is it the same as finding a fulltime position? What kind of rate should I be charging if I just graduated in May and will most places allow me to work remotely from somewhere else?

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Hi jarman65.

Try and read this. A lot of good tips:
Also read this book if you got the money for it. I would say it’s worth it: Design Is a Job, A Book Apart

Good luck getting some jobs!

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Esben Oxholm

Your network of contacts can be your most valuable resource for freelance work. Have you mined that?