how to find an agent (illustration)

i’ve been freelancing in illustration for 3 years now, and don’t have a lot to show for it. i do calls, mailings, and drop-offs like crazy, but nothing. while i’ve just kept plugging away so far, it’s becoming more frustrating by the day. i’m thinking of getting an agent in the hopes that they’ll have more resources than i do and will be able to come up with things i never could have found on my own. anyone have any suggestions???

my site is feel free to let me know if i just suck.

hello, i’m new here, i study a little the site … nice … very nice, but my problem is where can i find projects or something to work in my free time
take a look on my site

i work with macromedia and adobe very good and little bit with 3DstudioMax my job is webdesigner.

10x … please send an email to with you offers or your help , 10x again

I looked at your website and while you don’t “suck”, you need to develop your style and most importantly do MORE work. Your thumbnails don’t show enough of your drawings and the website is a bit dreary… lighten it up a bit…less black, brown green. Stick to white and your work will stand out more.
Concentrate on putting together a killer portfolio and you might not need an agent at all. Saying that, I have one but I don’t know yet if it’s worth it as it’s early days.

Like the the first person above I am having issues w/ obtaining clients. What can I do? I too have done it all to advertise.

View my mini portfolio


I don’t know where you are all located but there are tons of agencies that place creative talent including illustrators: (international)

Laureng, you are an information Demi-God!

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The AOI site is probably best to look for info on agents, there’s lots of advice on there as well as a long list of them.
Sometimes though it is best to try and get work yourself as agents can take a while to get back to you with appropriate work.

Try these sites that often contain illustration jobs…

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