How to find a company where one can do ones Master thesis

In January I’m starting my Master thesis in industrial design. And I need a company where I can do this. I go to school in Europe, but would really like to find something in New York, that just makes this even harder since I don’t know any companies there.

Does anyone have any tips on how to do this, do I just call a random company and say “Hey…”?

are you looking for a job, or just an environment to do your work in.

  • and cold calling in NY in this economy is a dead end.

No, I’m not looking for a job. I just have to find a task that I can solve for a company that has to do with Human Factors Engineering. And since I’m a student I work for free. Must be a sweet deal (for them) :slight_smile:

Does anyone know some companies that might be interested, or some webpages that have some kind of listing, or just anything actually?
Doesn’t have to be NY.

working for free sounds like an internship, you should approach it that way.

In the States, the IDSA lists firms specializing in Human Factors, medical products would be an intensive ergonomics applications feild to look into. Don’t expect anyone here to sponsor your visa these days.

check your school’s placement office - I assume there’s no co-op program?