[HOW TO] Embed a YouTube or VIMEO video in a thread

This seems to be a source of frustration with many users, so I thought I’d post this up as a little How-To.

Let’s say you want to show this video of 2010 Cleveland Sketch Battle:

In order to embed the video:

  1. Click the “youtube” button above
  2. Copy everything after the “=” sign (_- YouTube**) and paste that between the YouTube tags right here

When done correctly, you get this result:

Thanks for posting that how to Chris!

Take the Vimeo url


Plasce it between vimeo tags, note the absence of ‘www.’ in the code.



Hey Will, nice selection of a video to use as a posting demo!

I’ve had trouble posting an image on these boards. I’m going to test it…
Ah ha! Its the Place inline button I was missing. Now I get it.

Glad this was posted, I didn’t get it at first.