How to do this?

Can anybody explain how to model this chair in solidworks, tried few times but didn’t got near to it.

Thank You.

What have you tried so far? Post some screen shots of what you’ve tried and I’ll try to give you some tips.


Yeah let’s see what you’ve got already. It’s certainly do able, with a load of guide curves I’d imagine.

A load of guide curves, and a tonne of frustration!

Split it down the middle and work out what sketches you need for each main surface feature. Then use filled/boundary surfaces and possibly the freeform tool to achieve one half and mirror it across the central plane.

Your best bet is to break it down. define top / front/ side / back view

then build your primary surfaces. intersect and trim. create your secondary surfaces intersect and trim

then cut away the needed areas to create the tirchary (blend surfaces) and fill them.

Also before you start, print out your picture and trace over it sketching through, this will show you what your surfaces will look like.

This is a good “start” in terms of figuring out how to model the chair

Look for the “Efebo Seat” and roll through the history. It’ll start to open up some techniques that can be used.


Different approach, built this in Rhino3D, allocating 40 minutes to this test to see how the geometry would work. It looks like it was built originally in a surface package, seems like a tough one for SolidWorks.

Construction curve from two views to build the main top edge, tapered guide surface built from that curve. Patch surface for the main seat surface (1) offset the tapered guide surface to start the lower surface. Then built lower surface and dragged the control point down to the floor, and then manipulated the control points to get the lower scoop. Finally blending the two surfaces to get the ring. Three main surfaces. Fillet on the bottom surface at the floor makes four.

Thnak you everyone for the support. Tryin to model this. Any more suggestions are welcomed.

Thank You.

Hello everyone,
Came across this karim rashid designed chair, and tried to model it in solidworks but really proving difficult to get side 3d curve. What profile curves should I start with. Any help will be appreciated and thank you for all your support for the last chair.

slow afternoon here. This was kind of a fun project actually. 34min to get the SW done and 10min in Keyshot

These are pretty basic surfacing and intersecting strategies. Unfortunately you probably wouldn’t learn them in a basic parametric modeling course. Normally I’d pull a form like this out in Alias then import to SW for detailing.

keyshot default Studio HDRI, gold paint…

Thank You very much brett, awesome work. This has taught a lot, if possible upload solidworks file as well.

Thank you once again.


With the last photo I see all of the surfaces that you created to build the shape. I thought that you could trim the surfaces using intersecting surfaces until the outside of the chair was complete and then solid knit the entire piece together. I am not sure if that was your process but that is the first thing that came to mind when looking at this.

yep that’s the process. You can see the knit command 4th feature from the bottom in the history tree.

What an amazing link! How come I’ve never found this before?!?!? I nearly broke myself trying to model a wedding ring, and I’m pretty sure the most difficult thing to do in solidworks is that super-organic bleach bottle. I was working on a similar vase with a hole right through the centre and gave up after about 8 unsuccessful models. :frowning:

just wait until you have a assembly that takes 3 months to complete and three more months to actually get everything to jive properly. :laughing:

Patience is a CAD Jockey’s best friend and worst enemy. :laughing: