How to do color studies - Any examples

Hey Guys,

I am trying to do color studies for a consumer product and have access to a pantone book, but i am totally clueless as to how i should start with color studies .

Any thoughts, suggestions or examples i can look at to understand it would be greatly helpful.

it may depend on what exactly the product is. eg: if its something like a microwave, it would be benificial to u if you went out and actually observed the kind of products they have and more importantly the color range they have em in. a pantone book will help you probably identify the exact shade.


Thanks so much. The product is a small computer accessory, a USB Hub. I am still debating whether i should keep it clear or use a combination of colors…i did an initial survey though to see how colors would match…but i was just wondering if there was a better way to use the Pantone book to its full advantage…

Check out Its the first place I go when wanting colour inspiration. Also look at other “in” things.

If its quick and dirty, I like to either make an illustrator drawing of whatever the product is and just fill color into it, or

Search for various things that inspired your design on the interweb. Find large enough images that you can cut little pieces out of them, then make a square out of the part of the image that has a color combination you like. This is nice because you can get material samples in there too, but it doesn’t let you see colors on the object. Arrange your various thumbnails on a page.

Another thing I often do is model it with CAD and change the color values :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Guys,

Thanks so much, for all your replies…i am going to do some initial work on the ideas posted and will keep you posted. Once again thanks for the feedback.


similar to what protodes said, I would consider the devices that it is designed to be used with and look at the colors that they use. You don’t need to match those colors exactly, but take the colors into consideration.



you’re welcome :sunglasses: