how to do a technical drawing in Rhino/ Alias StudioTools

Hi, anyone knows how to do a tech. dwg using the 2 programs? I only know how to do it in solidworks. Heard of pple using A.I too. Please help!

Have you tried it yet?

To get technical drawings from Rhino, I exported them to Solidworks (IGES file) then had solidworks do the technical drawings for me.

However this should work in theory but the dimensions wouldn’t show. So I then saved the Solidworks drawing file as a dwg and put the dimensions on manually in AutoCAD.

I’m pretty sure that this is not the best was to do it, but I was rushed for a deadline when I was doing it and didn’t have time to look for a better way.

I think she’s asking how to create technical drawings on Rhino. I can’t answer this question unless she asks something more specific.

Are you talking about 2D drafting, or are you talking about creating a 2D tech. drawing from an existing 3D part?

There is a nice feature in Rhino called “Make 2-D Drawing.” This allows you to take a 3D part and create a traditional ortho drawing. From there you could add your dimensions, callouts, etc. You can find this under the Dimension tab in the main toolbar.

ok pardon me for the lack of details, here goes… I wish to just draw curves and then add dimensions. Don’t know how to carry on from here to produce a technical drawing for print. (for e.g. how to export to A.I. and what to do from there). Hope this helps!

…try just using the top view window…create your curves for your tech drawing…add you dimensions and then print the window…or save the file as a .ai for illustrator…then open the file with illustrator…

If you’re going to use Rhino for 2D drawings (like I do), do yourself a favor and download the Construction Lines plugin. Although it’s not perfect, It makes drafting much easier & faster.