how to do a successful presentation?

hi, all!
I have a presentation for my design next week. i am kind of nervous about it cause i am not very good at presenting in front of the whole class, and professors. SO i come here to beg ur advice. My project is to design a new material library for the school of design. i have done some research first, and designed several concepts by sketching, then built a 3d digital model. My design focus on the user research and the idea of how to lead user to finish the searching process. but my professor seems don’t like this literal presentation very much. So, how can i do a successful presentation for my design?

Know that your idea has value (or act like you believe it). Talk clearly and directly, look people in the eye. Move about and keep your hands apart and open. I personally don’t like to face the audience at big things right off. So I’ll walk on the stage or face the wall then turn around and start speaking. When I do this I start with an exclamation and try to hook the audience on the first sentence. Try and be very body conscious, be aware of your body language. Know when you are done to finish and have an ending, don’t be like “aaaannnndddd Ummmmmm Any questions?” Just end it but leave them wanting more.