How to do a moving part in Showcase?

I attended a course recently where I was shown briefly how to use Autodesk Showcase, and I clearly remember the teacher setting up an animation of an opening car trunk very, very quickly and easily.

However, I can’t for the life of me remember or figure out how he did it! All I can do in “behavior” panel seems to be a simple turn table… what did I miss? All my objects are properly grouped with pivots setup in Alias already.

What version of showcase are you using?

In 2010 R1 or 2011 Professional you should have the option to do a key frame animation. If you’re using 2010 without the R1 pack it won’t support it.

That did the trick, thank you!

I hope they add changing lights on the environment and materials in the next version, so you can turn lights on and off and fade away parts in the animation.

Oh, and I haven’t had time to try yet, but I do hope that hierarchically grouped objects can have their individual animations running simultaneously.

To be honest it’s not the worlds most powerful animation tool and shouldn’t be viewed as such. It’s got some useful features and it’s nice for doing simple things like exploded views or moving parts but definately has it’s limitations.

If you need (and I haven’t played with this much yet) it is possible to bring your showcase scene into maya for more complex animations, and then import the animation into Showcase for some more advanced things.

As far as animating grouped objects, it’s usually pretty easy to do - just make sure if you want to move a group of objects they’re all in the same group in the organizer and that you select that group before adding the objects to the animation. If you try to add individual parts selected at one time it will not like it.

Ehm… so I can move and rotate parts and do all sort of cool stuff…

But how do I make a wheel spin at a constant speed? :slight_smile:

(Trying to set it up to rotate 360 degrees doesn’t seem to move the part at all, and rotating it 359 degrees makes the wheel slow down slightly every time the animation loops…)

just a thought : will showcase allow you to specify a rotation of more than 360degs? … 999999999degs for example should keep the wheel spinning for a while :slight_smile:

Check these out and see if it helps. Should be able to do this with a turntable.

Ah, silly me.

I thought turntables were only for spinning the entire model.