How to differentiate and manage design proposals.

Hi everyone! I’m working on restyling some machine enclosures, to be precise my boss (who hired me knowing I studied ID but might not know how powerful ID is :smiley: ) asked me if we could make 2 of our products “look modern-day machines” since their appearance haven’t changed in 20 years. My main issue here is how to present the different approaches I’m thinking of. Let’s say I have 3 different proposals or paths, each one with their own morphological language and concept research around them. What’s the proper and professional way to show these 3 approaches? You put a name on each? What’s the criteria on that?

At the same time, having all the information well presented could be used as guidelines for future machines or to restylize the rest of the machines we produce.

Although in my current role I’m not working doing ID specifically for the company, any income is more than thankful since this might be my first real ID project and a hinge point for myself.

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Nice insights keno! Specially a few that seems obvious but somehow missed in my head. Like having and introduction so everyone knows what we’re talking about, trying to have everything as tidy as possible to later include it on portfolio and giving a copy of sketches to the client so he can look them in another time and keep ideas warm. Thanks!