How to develop your creativity

Here’s a bull**** article I actually found inspiring;


Why is it that 130-year-old technology is continuously used as a symbol for creativity?

It is barely more appropriate than this,

Symbols are only symbols if they are universal. You could come up with something more novel but if it didn’t communicate than it wouldn’t be effective. The tried and true lightbulb works because it is a part of pop culture, not because it is a glass orb with pressurized bass and filament… somehow having a glowing smartphone over someones head doesn’t convey the same thing… though none of this is the point of the post…

I tend to loath articles like this, but this one was actually not bad. Common sense stuff, but I need to be reminded from time to time about these things…

Often, you’ll find the solution to a puzzle when you step back and allow your mind to work on it without the pressure of conscious thought.

Couldn’t agree with this more. I can’t count the number of times a CAD issue that took me an hour to solve at 6pm (or couldn’t solve) is figured out the next morning in 15 minutes… or when the design solution comes to you in the shower.

Mackay’s Moral: Start every day/year with a healthy dose of vitamin C – Creativity.


Is the article BS because in from one of those psuedo-news blog clogger sites?

The advice seems to be for the most part in line with creative work going back to the 50’s by people like Mednick, Guilford, Mumford, and others and more recently Csikszentmihaly or Rogers (more innovation management).

But yeah, business = dumb and design = awesome to me too I guess… :smiley: