how to design something there is no need for

does anyone know how to design something there is absolutely no need for such as a redesigned kettle or something Philip Cock (stark) would design.

PS. im not jealous, i just hate products that put form over function.

Please, please, please (james brown)…Deez…please answer…i just love your input

i know this is not the answer you are looking form but, usually when i am asked to design somthing there is no need for the request comes from sales

i worked on a project of late where QVC requested a product that no one needs, but felt they could sell. they asked us to produce 70K units, and promised to buy every one. who can argue with that math?


“I can honestly say a majority of products in the global market is useless to me”

Good English!!!

Anyway Deez…i think your comments are spot on, and if i was gay, id ask you to marry me.

…industrial design, what the?..who needs it…

Big problems (you know, the ones that matter) are solved by inventors.

The ipod, what a piece of $$$$ (yes, marketing), id rather have an iriver. At least it has more functions.

Most products are status symbols…ohhh look at me…i own 5 million DVD’s…

By the way, im a product designer

look at the product semantics, the ergonomics…a monkey could figure that $%^$ out

Look man, i design, i make music, i write, but i never met more of a bunch of pretentious pric** than designers…

Similar to the unusable products topic of late, some of these products come down the pipe because it’s someone’s baby. I have worked on products that cost more than the competition, and have less features that work poorly. It still makes it out the door because the idea was from the president. What’s a designer going to do?

Now, how do you do it as a designer? Just have as much fun with it as you are allowed to, and get it out the door. The sooner you can get loser projects out the door, the sooner you can get to work on something that matters.

but what matters? that is the human experience, no? regularly doing things you either dislike, are indifferent, or plainly do not care about and trying to derive as much pleasure out of those tasks to occasionally do stuff we want to do…

i can’t see what home slice is so heated about? you could not forsee that at least occassionally if not mostly, in your career you might get a project where you were not going to be fundamentally changing the course of human interaction with objects?

pretentious, indeed…


Deez: thanks for breaking the ice for the “designers who don’t have/like iPods”. I still like CDs…I don’t know why.

Junglebrodda: I couldn’t agree more. In french, work is called “travail” for a reason.

Dear Deez,

I was hoping for a more, shall we say, inventive response

Im so sorry im only 27 year old bright eyed bushy tailed student with naive views on life who’s been hit by a car, stabbed in Nottingham, worked in more jobs than you will ever realise, basically been through a lot. You will never out smart, out wit, out think me. Anything you have ever thought of, ive already thought of, and rejected.

I think your a funny guy, but dont try and think your smarter than me, because trust me, your not.

My views maybe anti-mainstream, but i dont need an alien shaped orange juicer to make my life better (stark), an the sooner we stop celebrating £$%&wits and stop moaning about “the industrial design scene in America” the better.

Plus i wont hide behind anonymity, you can check me at …

Now tell me what next your going to say thats so illuminating…beings as your everybodys life coach

i find it funny that “smart” people always have to tell you that they are really smart.

you’re - as in you are.
not your.

and you think deez cant write good. i mean well.