how to define texture or gloss in cad

how to define texture area in cad for injection mold part?

do you just split line in solidworks and later add note when passing to manufacturer? thanks

Color code the surfaces of the part (assuming your vendor is using the same software as you) and then also provide a powerpoint/PDF that contains all of the callouts for where the textures start/end and what texture is specified. You can do orthographic views + detailed shots of any specific areas that require more attention.

Depending on the complexity of the surface/part, some manufacturers will ask you to actually break the surface with a small ridge/plateau. Basically, if you want a polished texture to butt up against a blasted texture, you’d raise the one surface or the other a fraction of a millimeter. Very last level detail that is often handled on the manufacturer side, who is often rebuilding your CAD anyway, but I have been asked to do it myself on occasion.

Good point, leaving a step for the texture break is important to help them mask off the area when they are processing the steel depending on what textures you are using.

When using polished textures near other textures, you need to remember that a person will be going in by hand to polish the cavity of the tool, so if that area is difficult to access they may accidentally polish surfaces across that boundary which never looks good.

Always good to have the CMF discussions early so you can modify or plan accordingly.