How to convert max files to CNC system

Does anybody know how can I convert max or maya files with bodies from surfaces to CNC system. What is the right format or something else? Thank you.

depends what you mean by CNC system…do you want to export the models in to a CAM package which will then create the cutting paths and the like. If so your modeling needs to be spot on…i know you can export files as dxf or IGES, and there is a stl check in max to export a stl file to do rapid protoytping models. Most RP places will check the data aswell usig Magics or the like which will clean up the trianges

OR Are you just doing 2d stuff like laser cutting where you can just bring the paths in to the machine as a dxf and that will do.

3D max is general used in the gamming industry it not realy sutible for solid modelign due to its inaccuracys in performing boolean operations, its good as a visualisation tool though.