How to clean the scaning pics well?

I sketched something on papers. And scanned them. I want to clean the background. What is the best way? Thank you:)

Ctl-L (levels), click the white dropper in the dialog box, click the whitest part of the background… or around in the white parts of the background. You can do this for the blacks too with the black dropper

You can do this from layers too; better because it can be removed or adjusted a little more.

Levels is good for black and whites, but not good for full colors

PackageID, What do you recomend for colored sketches?

I tried to use the level adjust, but there are much grey space. I am so coufued for that actually:(

found this tutorial that might help:

great find valdo!

hows things down at San Jose State?

Busy as ever, thought I was going to drop by PDX for spring break… didn’t happen… just wanting to learn too many things at the same time.

The tutorials on your website rock, especially PS tutorial. I find myself going back to it when I forget something - that means often.


I picked up large format 11x17 scanner for $160 Mustek A3 online. Good enough for linework. Color sketches need tweaking in PS.

Sounds like you are getting your moneys worth down at SJSU if they are keeping you that busy! Thats great dude.