How to choose a school to fit?

This has probably been asked a thousand times over. I’m looking for a good design school in Canada where I can get a good grasp on furniture design, more the concept and drafting side then the construction side. I can most likely make what is in my head (I’ve been a sculptor of some sort since I was in grade school) so that part comes easy to me. I just have no idea on how to draw it out in the technical orthographic way is all. I need help with improving that side of design and I’m looking for help in picking a good school based on this.

I’m not against the US, I just don’t want to pay really large international fees is all. I’m looking into furniture or toy design, but more a cross of the two would be better for me. I don’t know if you guys can help me with this or not or if a school like this even exists either. I’m still really new to this whole Industrial Design concept, since it was by coming across this forum that I even learned something like this existed. Either way, thanks for the replies and the help in advance.