how to begin to make my own web site

i wan to make my own web site but i don’t know where to begin,
do i nee to call phone company? where should i pay for my web services?

thank you

what does this have to do with design employment? seems more like a tech question and should be treated so…
But if you want a good place to host your website, try looking at they are who I use to host my website. As far as actually making your website, get an HTML book and start from there. You can decide after if you want to use flash etc, but a solid basis in HTML is allways good. If you want the easy (and dirty coded) way out, get dreamweaver or golive and let them do it for you.

If you have a strong understanding of photoshop, the basics of Flash are pretty easy to pick up on. I did my portfolio website myself, with a professor of mine standing over my shoulder at times and directing me through steps for publishing, etc. I see no reason why you couldn’t pick it up with a good book. My site is BTW if you want to look at it.