How to airbrush shoes or leather???

Can anyone recommend what kind of airbrush paints and coatings I can
use on my shoes? or any leather parts?

Run some test samples with enamel paint.

Let it dry for a day and see how it turns out.

Don’t try anything on your shoe right away, test it out first.

is it light leather?

If it is then you could try permanent drawing inks. ofcourse run these on a sample piece first too!

You should be able to use any type of paint in an airbrush so long as it can be diluted to about the consistency of milk (just make sure to clean it well afterward). I’d say a leather-safe acrylic, unless there’s some sort of specialty leather paint that would work better.

Some cobbler’s shops will have spray paint that will not flake off, and is made for shoes. The name escapes me at this time.

Angelus Leather Paint

Check out under the forums for customization and art. there a tons of threads about exactly what you are looking for. there are even some really great examples of what others have done.