How to 3D model Text on Dome

Solidworks question here - any ideas on how to get text not to distort like this when projecting it onto a dome surface? I need the baseline of the text to remain flat, and a spline surface wrap will end up curving the baseline.

Either of these should give you a flat baseline, but will probably cause other problems… basically, try projecting from the side or from above, rather than normal to the curved surface.

a) You might be able to fake it by projecting each letter from a slightly different angle. If each letter is on a separate plane, and the planes are normal to the outer edge of the dome, the bottom edge of each letter would at least be parallel with the ground.
b) Project the text from above. Arrange the text on a circular baseline that is concentric with the dome.


A cylindrical wrap in Solidworks will likely bring better results. The cylindrical surface can be matched by orienting it as well as the projection plane to match the target surface. Keeps the baseline straight.

For an all around text projection, that is more tricky. The best approach is to use illustrator with a Type on a Path and Gravity setting - it warps all letters towards the center. For even more control, use Warp with an Arc setting which allows you to set the amount of bending and distortion.

Export as DXF and import directly into SW.

I used the option a from Brian Donlin - this is how I did it. Thank you!

Nice, glad you figured it out!

Importing vectors into sketches works very neatly. But this is an accurate solution!