How Taxi Drivers Keep Their Money?

I’m a Researcher in This Feild & I Like To Know About It In Other Countries.
Some Of My Questions Is:

-How Taxi Drivers Keep Their Money ?

-Do they Have Any Special Thing To Keep Their Money ?

-Different Kind Of Their Special-Thing Which Keep Their Money (If they Have) Or Their Wallet ?

  • … & Any Other Thing About This .

I’ll be Thankful If Give Me Some Information As Soon As Possible

They hide it under their turban.

What an awsome investigation!!! Congratulations on the non-conventional theme.

Here in Mexico City there are some ways to keep their money:

  1. They hide the coins under the mat. Let´s remember that nearly all taxis in Mexico City are VW-old beetles. So, in order to make it easier to get in and out of the taxi, they take away the front-right seat. The plastic mat that fits in that place is used to hide the coins.

  2. They use the ashtray

  3. They use a kind of grooved dispenser, where each differently-sized groove receives a column of coins. They´re made of wood or plastic.

If I find some photos on some reasherch I did some time ago, and if you want them, let me know.

You say “other countries” but you don’t specify what country YOU are from so how do we know what is “other”?

I’m guessing you aren’t from an English-speaking country, but that may not be true. So let us know.

Here in Singapore, they got like three or four containers. one for each value of change - 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c, right between the driver and passenger seat. And say when your fare comes up to somethin like 13.35$, they dont waste time in giving the change, how much ever that is. Damn, those guys are good at math… never make mistakes.

[quote=I’m guessing you aren’t from an English-speaking country, but that may not be true. So let us know.[/quote]

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