How should i work this out? Help?

I’m a senior in high school, and I’m seventeen. I really want to be an ID, but also considering engineer, or studio art. I have a little annoying problem though…

I’ve already sent my applications to two colleges: Wheaton (Illinios), and Spring Arbor (Michigan). Niether offers ID though. But I’m sold out to those schools for at least starting off my college studies.
SO since they dont offer ID ive been thinking about studying, studio art or Mechanical Engineering(pre engineering), or just getting my Libral arts stuff done first.

I for sure want to start off at one of the those schools, and I want to somhow work ID into the picure! I dont mind being in college for a while… However theres something in the back of my mind that feels a little un easy about studying ME, or art first… what should i do?

Considering that I’m trying to work those two colleges into the Plan, should I:

1.Should I complete Mechanical Engineering then Study ID? (will that be even advantageous?)

2.)Study Studio art Then ID? (I know i can build my portfolio with this but, will that be advantageous in the long run ?)

  1. Should I Finish my first two year of college then Just tranfer to another school with ID?
  1. Apply to a school with ID and go there.

yeah, YO makes a good point. Why are you not just applying to a school with an ID program?
That would be without a doubt the most “advantageous”.

anyhow, I don’t think it matters much what you do. Get into a well structured and serious ID/PD program.

Yeah, I was thinking of skipping those schools and going somewhere else with ID… but i really like their General Ed structure, and People/community.

I have no portfolio, because the high school i go to has no real art program. I shoot a little photograpy, but i dont have very many great shots, and i haven’t drawn anything good in a long time. So i dont think i have a chance of getting into a design schoool/ University that offers ID right now.

Then what should i do to build my portfolio?

That just makes no sense to me.

ID is pretty competitive. If you want in, surf around here, build a portfolio, and start digging your teeth into it. It’s been said on here that ID is a young man’s game, I’m not in total agreement there, but certainly don’t just burn up 4 years if you do want to get into it.

also, there are many schools (and many good programs) that dont require a portfolio to get in.

Ok… i see… that is a smarter idea… yeah thats what i was sort of thinking

…by the way… what schools dont require a portfolios? just curious…

UC has one of the best ID programs in the country, arguably THE best actually at the moment, and believe they do not have a portfolio requirement.

Trying to skirt the issue of not having a portfolio by applying to a liberal arts school and then transferring to an art/design school is NOT a good strategy, and will likely make your path to an ID education more difficult in the end.

A typical ID student works towards a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in ID. As such, your freshman year will be what is called a foundation year, and you will spend it learning basic art and design skills, along with other students applying to different majors, like painting, graphics, film, or whatever else your school has to offer. You will draw like crazy, you will do 3-D form and shape studies, study color theory, visit museums, etc. You will also learn about your school and its departments, and you will meet and form friendships with students who have interests similar to yours. This stuff is VERY important, and while it’s certainly possible to take a different path, you don’t want to miss it if you can help it. Plus it is really, really fun.

But take heart - you CAN create a portfolio. Here’s the thing - most schools ask for very specific things as part of their application process. They don’t generally ask for something as undefined as a portfolio at this stage - or at least the ones I applied to didn’t.

So what you do is get applications from, say, three or four schools that you really like, and set out to complete what they ask. They will tell you that you need three examples of this, one of these, two of those, and an essay or two. So you make a list and tick things off. The combined assignments from the different applications will be your “portfolio”. You will probably need to fill in a few gaps, but it will seem clear what you need once you get started. This is what I did and it worked very well.

Also, although your high school doesn’t have a real art department (mine didn’t either), when you hit stumbling blocks in the application process (and you will), don’t hesitate to ask one of your teachers with whom you have a good relationship for help. If they can’t help you themselves, they will more than likely be able to hook you up with someone who can. Accept all the help that they offer you and just go for it. You can do it!

Then check back with us and let us know where you get in. :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

Talk to admissions, thats what I did. I didn’t have a portfolio either because I’d never heard of ID until I was 17… I thought I wanted to be an Architect.

She sent me home with a specific summer project to build up my folio: 50 life-size self-portraits, each using a combination of different media. I came back and not only got in, but got a scholarship.