How should I be preparing myself for graduate studies?

Hi all!

I’m starting Pratt MID in the fall, and have my bachelors in Interior Design with coursework in Furniture Design that I received 2 years ago. I am not really all that comfortable with my hand drawing skills, and at this point have no experience in 3-D modeling programs and definitely need to get acquainted/reacquainted with some theory and history. Can any of you suggest books, sites, classes, anything that I can look at to better prepare me for this? Thank you in advance!

Drawing, CAD and “design thinking” stuff is all pretty easily accessible and learn-able on the web; but Pratt’s abstract 3D classes are the real hidden gems of both the undergrad, and grad programs. I would highly recommend getting “The Elements of Design” to get familiar with some of the concepts you’ll be learning because they can be a real mind f@ck when you’re dumped into it. The book outlines and discusses all of the abstract 3D exercises and drills that you’ll do. The ultimate goal is to be able to create and analytically and objectively asses 3 dimensional forms and compositions… which kind of comes in handy in our line of work. :smiley:

Its funny Brett, but I find that it is always the classes like that that are the most valuable. In the end, the technique stuff changes with time, but the core foundation classes I took in 2d and 3d form and color theory coupled with figure drawing were the ones that opened my mind and that stayed with me.

Totally, when I’m in cad trying to get some surface just right, it all leads back to sanding plaster and getting the accents right.

No doubt being around other talented students pushes you to model and sketch better, but in a lot of ways you’re still on your own to build those skills even in a university. I’ve heard people say that if you want to improve those skills, you’re better off saving your money and dedicating 12 hrs a day to it rather than go for an ID degree

especially with a background in Design, I see the value of a grad design program in how to think better as a designer by being exposed to new ideas and pushing the ways that you tackle problems…