How salary would be? (master,CA,5yr experience)

Anyone has the idea how salary would be?

  • ID master’s degree
  • 5 yrs experience
  • Job is in Milpitas, CA
  • work for a memory modules OEM, need to do all kinds of things including product design, packaging design, maybe booket design too, and from beginning to the end. communicate with both engineers and factories oversea.

Please give me some hint if anybody knows…thanks a lot

Coroflot Design Salary Survey says Cali average for a mid level designer would be around $62k/year

strength of portfolio, compatibility of the position, and your credentials are the key.

62k sounds low for the bay area. 80-90k would be ideal.

I see. Thank you. But the economy is bad, many companies are cutting off employees, should I expect a lower salary, like 80% of 80-90k ?