how often do you screw up?

So honestly now, how often do you screw up?

  • once a month
  • couple times a year
  • never (I don’t believe you)

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Hi all…

The end of the year is coming, and as I was reviewing my work this year, it realized that I screwed up quite a bit more than I would have liked it.
I work in a really fast paced (aren’t they all?) consulting firm, and most of the time, there is no one to check my work before it’s sent out for prototyping,…or even tooling sometimes!
I handle somewhere between 3 and 10 different projects every month, and often times more than one is urgent, so with little time to work on time mistakes happen…

So honestly now, how often do you screw up?

And…how common is this in the consulting world? Am I going to get fired soon?

I screwed up about 14 years ago… but the divorce will be final in the next couple months.

Ha! How often do I not screw up?

As long as you Learn from your mistakes then they are okay. Everyone makes them. Make sure you take note of them so they don’t happen again. I usually don’t mind a mistake here and there it is when some one does it over and over is when it bothers me.

I fail every day. When you fail you learn. The key is to have enough time and space in your process to be able to synthesize those learnings and incorporate them into your work and it doesn’t sound like you have that. Are you getting any mentorship or guidence at work?

Yo brings up a great point. Some of the best products are created out of failure. This is a natural part of the process. I guess I am a bit confused on what you mean by screwing up. If it is you tried and it failed that is okay and even great! If it is you keep forgetting to do something like clerical work or missing deadlines, that you need to figure out what is the root of the problem and work to fix it. The fact that you recognize there is a problem means you probably know how to fix it.

I screw up just as much as before but I am just better at hiding and playing it off like I planned it that way.

Too much multi-tasking going on in today’s work environment. Sometimes you have to close the door and focus on the tasks at hand. This will reduce the goofs but yes we all make mistakes.

Daily. But I grow as a person each time.