HOW MUCH ?!?!?!

I have to quote a interior design job for a cafe/restaurant and i heve no clue what to charge the owner, first time doing an interior desingn job. what i will mostly be doing for them is concept / ideation art along with a little solidworks if needed. I work feelance/as a consultant and would greatly appreciate it if someone can tell me what the standard going rate is. The space is about 900 sq. ft. Thanks Again!! [/b]

I’m not sure what the answer is, but I think you might have a better shot in the General section vs the student’s section…


all this over punctuation is really getting to be a bit much.
Maybe take a more conversational tone when you write.

In regards to your question.
Maybe ask some people in your area. Location really makes a lot of difference in determining rates.
Look into some of the previous threads on these boards, especially the “design employment”. You can’t think that you’re the first person to ask this question, right? There is a thread like this every couple of weeks, at least.

Simply put. It’s never easy to determine a good rate. Especially when it’s your first time with it.
Look at how long it takes you do do something in hours, then decide on a fair hourly rate. That should help you form an estimate.
Keep in mind, since you’re still a student, you probably shouldn’t charge the professional rates. Experience means a lot.

Look at the previous posts, that should give you a guide.

and lay off the punctuation.

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There are a lot of variables.
It depends on what you are going to do for them. Also, how easily you will be able to find the aesethetic they are looking for. In other words, if they are looking for something totally innovative that might be more valuable than if they want you to rip off starbucks look.

When I have done a phase one for a similar size space I usually do some work finding specs for lighting, flooring, furniture and other major elements. Then I’ll do a couple of loose concept sketches of the seating area and a couple of the POS and any display cases. The signage will just be faked in rough and the exterior might be just a vignetter.

For that I would charge $4000-$5500.

I hope this helps and by the way I also hate punctuation

Five grand for a few rough sketches? Wow, I picked the wrong field. More power to you. Out of curiosity, how many hours are you putting in on an example like that? Is there a bunch of back and forth with revisions that suck up a lot of time?

There is a little bit of back and forth but not much. Unless they have a firm budget for the renovation already I usually show the spec sheets for the items I mentioned prior to sketching. We review the rough cost for the items and make sure they match their vision. I usuallly show some quick floor-plan/ elevation at this point as well, just to make sure the layout is close. This takes about a 8 hours for a place this size.

Then I take some pictures of the space and block out the floor-plan in the views that I described earlier. I use those block-outs as underlays for the designs concepts. Most times the blockouts go quickly (1-2 hours each) but I have a few clients that are very fussy about the dimensions being accurately indicated in the perspective so for those guys the measuring takes a little longer. Some times I will discuss the block outs at this point (if I see something that is not working).

From there I usually do two overlays. the first gets all of the elements/people in the views and the second tightens things down, adds graphics and prepares the linework for color. Then I scan it and print it out 18 X 24.

If I show two design directions for each view (6-8 sketches) it is usually all adds up to a total of about 50-60 hours.

I hope this is helpful.[/img]

Its always tough pricing work when you don’t know what you’re doing isnt it!


If you can manage to do a lot of the work BEFORE the project starts or NOW, and then fudge your numbers to match what the job actually took… youll be way ahead.

Keep track of your time on this job and all others!!! Youll learn way faster what a job takes out of you in time and resources.

If you are paying attention as you go, you’ll know what time you spent on redoing things because you weren’t as experienced as you should be… and price accordingly.

Generally, your rate for work should be such that for 25 billable hours in a week, you can make the ‘salary’ you think the job merits.

For freelance work that is.

The project description, the description of work, is far more important than the square footage of the space.

What will you actually be doing? Show us/me the proposal, and we’ll see if you have it spec’ed out in enough detail in the first place… odds are that you don’t have enough detail yet.