How much would you pay for a portfolio?

I’m working on starting a company providing a new type of high-quality portfolio system, and I am looking for some general feedback.

Assuming that quality increases as price increases, how much would you be willing to pay for a portfolio (what you use to transport/protect/display your work, not the work itself)?

Also, what do you require from your portfolio: what should it be able to do or what characteristics should it have?

Thank you!

As little as possible that shows off your work.

I don’t care if you have some custom, one-off system for your portfolio. If you do, it better be a portfolio piece in and of itself.

I have and use both of these portfolios:

Itoya 8.5x11 Art Portfolio, 48 images ~$10

Pina Zangaro Machina 14x11 screwpost portfolio cover ~$100 + ~$50 in accessories

As my portfolio continues to grow and I am finding the need for cheaper and better portfolios. It becomes very expensive to keep using the larger portfolio. I picked up the Itoya portfolio since it’s cheap, has archival quality sleeves and is easy to change pictures out. no need for extended screwposts and specialized attachment methods like with the pina zangaro one. I print out all of the pages on my epson R1800 printer that way I have total control of the look and can easily change my portfolio to fit a specific client.

I have thought about using Blurb for a marketing styled portfolio for my freelance work.

At this point cheaper portfolios are the way to go for me. The $10-$15 price of the Itoya Art Portfolio is hard to beat.

I used to use black wire ones that snap open. It would be nice if they looked good with 5 pages or 40pages, meaning, there was some way to buy one thickness that would hold a lot of stuff but also look ok with only a few pages. Another problem was figuring out how each print out would slot in, so the title pages and everything matched up nice, and then remembering I forgot a page and having to reshuffle everything by one page side. this is all obsolete to me now though with a laptop and a PDF or PPT, or possibly an iPad in the future.

Print it off at a local print shop then get it black wire bound with a clear cover and a black back at Staples or Kinkos… I bet you $100 it will say alot more than some “art” portfolio you just buy and slide paper in.

Doesn’t everyone use the net now?

I should clarify. This site may not have been the best place to ask this question, as most of your work can be shown on a portfolio site or printed on standard-sized paper. I am not looking to replace standard presentation binders. This is for more large-scale work, and much emphasis is placed on protection during transport. I should most likely be asking this question of artists of traditional mediums, as well as architects, but I wanted to get another design perspective. Feel free to refer me to another site. Thank you all for your responses.

How much does a cardboard box and bubble wrap cost? That’s how much I would pay.

Actually I would pay a lot if my boss signs the approval form for my corporate card.

I actually fall into the architect arena. I work with architecture, furniture and some ID. What exactly are you trying to sell with the large-scale work? I think it would help if you really defined what you are wanting to put out there. We are all designers here so this is a great resource to reach out to for help.

Okay, sorry for being vague. I’ll start with some history. I have been both a traditional artist and an interior design student. I don’t know if anyone else has felt this way, but having both typical art and design classes and architecture classes, I started to feel that the options for storing and carrying my work were pretty poor (I have both a normal flat portfolio and an architect’s tube). Since I couldn’t find a better solution, I started thinking about how I would make one that would combine the functions of the flat portfolio and the tube. So, the product I want to initially begin producing would be large enough to fit an architectural size E sheet and would be convertible in that you can roll it up and secure it. If you are an artist who works on canvas or illustration board, it can also be carried in the standard rectangular format. It would have a two-way zipper going around three sides (2 long, 1 short) and could be opened like a book. The portfolio will be made of neoprene and I am considering working with independent graphic artists to create patterns for short “artist edition” runs. Let me known what else needs further explanation.

This seems to be similar to what you are talking about. I could be totally wrong here though.

$100 makes sense. $150 max if it is better and more beautiful than the PZ.

Ross, I wouldn’t say you are totally off base, but it would be much better looking than that, more durable, and of course convertible. Sometimes it is easiest to explain it as something like a BuiltNY laptop case, but much bigger.