how much would you go all out to keep a friend ?

Just wondering :

if you have found someone who is almost like you — from thoughts to design etc, how far would you go all out to keep such a friend ?

Personally, I would do what ever I could to keep friends. Friends are hard to find. On the other hand, I am not afraid to offend and throw those fair weathered friends, or people who have been such a ba*tard out without even a fight or arguement.

Perhaps I am a mule of some kind. But really there is no point of keeping

I am just worried I may offend the right people. Just sent a registered post about 2-3 weeks ago to make sure I have not offended one such nice person.

I really wrote a very sincere letter. And I really write it from the bottom of my heart and soul. In fact I am upset at the possible fact that I am going to loose a fine friend. Its very hard to find such like minded person. But there is no reply yet. I am not too happy about it. Then again, I can’t do very much, can I ?

Crap, isn’t it ?

my mother reckons I should keep cool but I feel bad. Bad because I don’t even know where I’ve faultered and I earnestly spent days thinking what crap I’ve done and seek advice off seniors at home,. But still cannot find anything. I had thought instead of me guessing, I might as well sent a letter off.

…looks like no one seems to be interested in keeping good friends…
maybe I am just being really silly doing all those stuff…

still no response for this thread but it doesn’t matter now.
At least I know its all ok now. phew…

I don’t intend to be mean, but maybe noone answered cause there isn’t a whole lot of content to your last post. Did you want idea how to keep your friend, you didn’t really tell us what the problem was with the friend, and secondly cause it isn’t that relevant to the site, or you didn’t make it seem relevant to the site. If you want to keep them as your friend and have been beating yourself up over it, let them know how sad you are, and worried you are, tell them the truth, maybe even in person.

A good friend would help me escape the police in a white Bronco.

If you love someone set them free. If they come back to you they’re yours forever.

If they don’t… hunt them down and make them regret it. :wink:

Sounds silly but the truth is if the relationship is reallly worthwhile, the rough spots only enhance things at the end of the day. Wouldn’t so exciting if it was always smooth sailing. Sometimes you just need to be patient.

Lou, many thanks for your kind thoughts. Its all settled well and I am plain happy just because of it. Its linked to the earlier thread that I have posted on ‘I think I have offended someone.’

I did exactly what you’ve just said, and I am glad I did the silly thing of beating myself up in written words 'cos I could have lost a very good friend.

Moral of the story: rather be silly and even stupid than to keep quiet and think negatively.

you are tooo funny…

but yes I agree with you on the grounds on relationships.
If its yours, it will be yours.
And the rough edges will only bring people closer.

ps: i’d wish and dream i had this kind of great blessed fortune to be in your described relationship…

Someone once told me,

a good friend is someone who you can call late at night to bail you out of the county jail.

a best friend is sitting next to you in the cell.

carton, you got it right in the bull’s eye.
A true friend always stick by your side, goes through all the ‘sh*t’ with you and accepts who you are. However this kind of friend is really hard to find.
The dog could probably fare much better than the ordinary human being !