How much to charge?

I am going to offer my services to a client that needs a business card, email signature/letterhead and website designed.
The business card and letterhead will be a basic design and the website is only about 3 pages only involving HTML and CSS. I am starting out as a designer. I am working in London so if you have any clue how much to charge in GB pounds or even in another currency (I can do the conversion :stuck_out_tongue: ) your help would be very appreciated!

I would work out an hourly rate, which you can then apply to your estimated time-frame.

Your rate should depend on your experience and skills. A colleague of mine, maybe a couple of years after graduating, and around 5 years ago, was freelancing in ID for around £15 per hour.

Which is WAY too less by a factor of maybe 3 or so! I know people who are still students and who earn more than that per hour.

Thanks for the advice!