How much should a senior in Industrial Design charge for a freelance job, creating Illustrator linework/Photoshop rendering? I have an opportunity to work with someone making small linework files, abour 170 of them, each of which will take like 15-20 mins to make…how much should I be quoting here?

I would say as a student charge whatever it is worth to you - it can take time away from classes and homework - as a designer with a few years experience I freelance for about 40 bucks an hour but that is low I believe, some would say high though, it’s all what they client will pay.

For you I would say 20 to 30 bucks an hour, but if this is some friend on some speculative product maybe they don’t have the cash, but theys gots to pay to play! Also, it may be nice for a portfolio.
To get the job, if you have to bill 10 to 15 bucks an hour thats better than a sharp stick in the eye, especially compared to working in the cafeteria - but no, at least 15 bucks an hour on second thought any lower than that is abusive.

Always ask on the high end though, if they flinch then maybe back off, but when negotiating, the price you name first never goes up, only down, so keep that in mind.