How much to charge for a BOOK COVER DESIGN

I need to know how much to charge for designing a book cover/jacket. Also good to know is how much the inside text would cost.

Thanks, in advance, for anyone’s replies!

Depends on your experience, can’t really say without knowing at least that much. Also depends on the company you’re working for and I would take projected sales of the book into account as well.

You can have them pay your hourly or per project.

I have zero experience in this area, but my common sense tells me that I ought to Google this one!

And unless I am truly out of my league in understanding the publishing biz, if I designed a book cover I would ask for a reasonable flat fee and a 2%-.25% royalty just in case it goes My Life, Unfit for Command, or Da Vinci Code on yer ass.

Think short term AND long term so you aren’t sitting at your computer staring at banging your head against a keyboard for being shortsighted just to get a quick hit of tha streets.